Póster de Geografías en Venta se exhibe en Field/Work, Escocia


Hermes, the Greek god of translation, mediation, errand and travel was the grandson of Atlas: he who had the strength to carry the world upon his shoulders, paralyzed under the burden of its weight. There is a poetic irony in this relationship, between he who bears the load and he who has freedom of movement; the same irony permeates the role an architect seems called to play in the contemporary world: both traveler and carrier, nomadic and sedentary, settling and unsettling, builder and mere astonished witness to a self-built world. A new nature has been extruded from Atlas for Hermes to interpret and contemplate. Faced with its emergence, the latter has become the “artificialist” of the XXI Century: he who roams, collects, registers and documents the ecologies of hiper-capitalism, globalization and entropy, in an attempt to measure and translate the overwhelming magnitude and power of an informal language that our traditional tools fail to describe or represent. As the result of this roaming, of an empirical approach to the conditions of our inhabitation processes, the architect becomes an interpreter of contemporary culture, a synthesizer and maker of symbols. This poster summarizes the geopolitical condition that currently shapes the urbanization of the largest forest in the world, putting at stake one fifth of the world´s drinking water: the Amazon.


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